Why Adarco Invest

Market leader

With over two decades experience in manufacturing plants and specific equipment for household waste sorting - recycling activities - especially in Germany, but also in other East and West European country's and also in Romania, - ADARCO INVEST is always chosen when the customers put to the forefront QUALITY and PROFESSIONALISM - criteria that guarantees technical performance and reliability at the highest level.




The equipment delivered by Adarco Invest are intended to reintroduce into the economic circuit of the recyclable materials and reducing the amount of waste delivered to landfills. The smaller the quantity of waste delivered to landfills is the lower operating costs are. Also, the recyclable materials intended fr sorting (PET, cardboard, paper, foil, PE, HDPE, ferrous and nonferrous metals, energy waste, etc.) represent a substantial profit.


Technical endowment

The actual technical endowment allows the Adarco Invest company that in parallel with the machining activity of specific products industry, to also honor other various orders from third parties. In this sense, the technical park of company includes a number of CNC equipment and endowment capable to determine the obtaining of some services at quality levels required by international standards, such as:

bending - stamping table with g max. 8 mm and lengths up to 6 ml

cutting of tables with g max. 10 mm and length up to 3 ml

blasting of metal surfaces in class SA 2.5, acc. EN ISO 8501-1:2007

anticorrosion protection (primings-paintings) determining the thickness and adherence testing acc. to DIN EN ISO 2409:2007

Technical Park

Besides the classical equipments and machineries- classical tools (lathes, mills, drills, electro hydraulic presses, welding units, etc.) the company is equipped with the series of modern and high performance components and utilities including:

CNC Cutting line type HD-M 600 (VERNET BEHRINGER) with the features:

- Automatic loading profiles (max lenght= 12 000 mm, width min / max = 50/600 mm, max. height = 400 mm)
- Drilling Ø min / max = 8 ÷ 40 mm (drill shaft-index to ± 90 ° two horizontal and one vertical positions)
- Cutting profiles 90 °, respectively: 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 75 ° left / 45 °, 60 °, 75 ° right
- Electro-hydraulic equipment, P = 45 kW / 9 kW (drilling line/ cutting line)
- Hydraulic pressure = 130 bar / 95 bar (drilling line / cutting line) - Cutting speed = 20 ÷ 140 m / min

ACNC Abkant type HPB - RD 61 (SHAPFAN BV- NL) with the features:

- Max. pressure = 3200 kN
- Max. work lenght = 6200 mm
- Max. metal thickness = 8 mm *
*) The thickness may be increased depending on the size of the bending tools

CNC Press type TRUE SHEAR 3103 (EHT Maschinensysteme GmbH) with the features:

- Maximum thickness of plates= 10 mm
- Maximum cutting length = 3100 mm
- Hydraulic work pressure = 315 bar

CNC cutting installation oxigaz / plasma type OXYTOME HPC 30 (Air Liquide, France) with the features:

- Cutting procedure = plasma / oxigaz
- Working speed = 0-4 m / min
- No. max. portbrenners = 8 (6 oxigaz + 2 plasma)
- Plate thickness = 150 mm (oxigaz procedure), 50 mm (plasma procedure)

The blasting cabin with the features:

- Type of blasting equipment: STRAALTECHNIEK International BV, Netherlands
- The relevant dimensions of the cabin (L x W x H) m = 10 x 6 x 5
- The quality class of the blasted surface = SA 2.5 according EN ISO 8501 - 1:2007

The painting cabin with the features:

- Equipped with filtration, ventilation and heating system
- The relevant dimensions of the cabin (LxWxH) m = 16.3 x 6.2 x 6.3


Adarco Invest Service provides through the Service team specialized interventions in max 48 hours from the notification of the defect. The Service team have all mechanical and electro-hydraulic equipment for remedying any malfunctions. The Service team also provides specific activities of post-warranty acc. to the subsequent negotiated contracts.