PET perforator
November 19, 2016
Rotating sieves
November 23, 2016

Sorting cabin with air conditioning

Sorting cabins are important components of sorting installations, inside them effectively being carried out the manual sorting of recoverable waste fractions: paper, cardboard, plastic, PET, textiles.

The cabins are closed, sealed constructions equipped with its own ventilation system - through which ensure the favorable micro - climate conditions proper conduct manual sorting activities. Sorting cabins are made of polyurethane panels with a thickness of 60 mm, and are fitted with double-glazed windows, fire resistant doors, with stairways, fire escapes, railings and related platforms.

Lenght (max)mm40.000
Width mm6.300
Height (total, incl. platforms) mm9000
No. operators buc8 - 24
N. flow lines buc1 - 2