Sorting cabin with air conditioning
November 20, 2016
November 24, 2016

Rotating sieves

The rotating sieves are basic components within sorting installations, having the purpose of separating waste fractions (up to 4).

They are corelated capacitive,dimensional and functional with other components with which they work as an assembly: belt and / or chain conveyors, magnetic separators , bags openers, PET perforators, balersand other.

Rotating sieves are equipped with electrical components that ensure their rotating motion.Usually , the rotations are provided by gearmotors equipped with frequency convertors through which the rotating speed can be adjusted in large margins.

Lenghtmmup to 15.000
Diametermmup to 3.500
Hole Sieve Diametermm50....200
Rotation Speedrot / min0 - 3,5
Installed PowerkW2 x 30 ac motors equipped as appropriate, with frequency converters
Weight (ca)kgup to 45.000