Metallic containers acc. DIN 30720
November 14, 2016
November 16, 2016

Metallic containers acc. DIN 30722 (Abrollcontainers)

The metallic containers acc DIN 30722 are designed to collect and transport urban and industrial waste. These containers are suited for construction works, urban works, sanitation, waste recycling, utilities, agriculture, wood industry, oil industry, etc.

The containers acc. DIN 30722 are corelated dimensional, capacitive and functional to the authorized vehicles that are used to load, transport and discharge them.Adarco Invest can manufacture various versions: closed or open containers, with simple or air-tight doors, containers for collecting and transporting of dangerous waste, of heavy metallic waste, the transport of liquids or other specific material.p>

Capacitym3până la 40
Total lenght (L2)mm3120 - 4100
Hooks Heightmm1650/1720
Distance Between Rollers (inside)mm1100 - 2000