Tilting Device to Discharge Containers DBP-1100L
November 17, 2016
PET perforator
November 19, 2016

Press type PCD 500 for compacting doses

The press for compacting doses is an electro-hydraulic equipment that is used to compact empty metallic doses (soft drinks, beer , and others) in bales.

The technical solutions chosen and especially the great pressing force allows the forming of well formated and compact bales which don't require being tied. Operating the press can be done, by choice, both manually and automatic.

Emptying into the press the containers carrying the empty doses is usually done with the help of the tilting device DBP 1100 L.

Compaction ForcekNmax. 500
Nominal Pressurebar320
Engine PowerkW15
Electrical parameters-400V / 50Hz / 35A / 24 V DC
Bale Size L x W x Hmm600 x 400 x 460
Bale Weightkgca. 60
Overall Dimensions L x W x H mm3780 x 1020 1825
Weightkgcca. 2920