Bio-filters, Bio-containers
November 13, 2016
Metallic containers acc. DIN 30720
November 14, 2016

Glass Grinders

The glass grinders manufactured by Adarco Invest Petrosani made the breaking and shredding of bottles identified in the mass of waste of sorting plants.

Usually, the glass grinders work as a whole together with tilting container 2 mc where made collection of the shredded material. The working principle of glass grinders is based on breaking by impact and grinding glass bottles with two jaws, one fixed and one mobile. Vibration of mobile jaw is made of two vibrating eccentric motors, shock absorption is made by rubber supports equipped with coil springs.

Estimative capacity bottle/hour15.000
No. electric motors / Power pcs/kW2 / 1,5
Overall dimensions L x W x Hmm1370 x 1225 x 1800
Weight (ca) kg780