January 2, 2018
March 17, 2018

Metal Plate Conveyor

Metal plate conveyors are used in sorting and MBT plants, especially for the transport of balers PET, plastic foils, paper, cartons – result from the balers with automatic binding system.

Metal plate conveyors can be mounted horizontally and also inclined (in which case they are additionally provided with metal scrapers), are equipped with automated lubrication system for roller chain and sprockets. Optionally, the conveyor can be equipped with the Soft Starter. The metal plate conveyor manufactured by S.C. Adarco Invest has a certificate of conformity issued by notified body NANDO.

Length (between axes)mm2000 - 60.000
Widthmm650 - 3500
Chain, sprockets type-DIN 8167
Electrical power kW 0,50....25
Type of lubrication system - automated , 24 V c.c, 4 lubrication points ( 2+2) electroventil la 24 V c.a. UNIOELER GmbH
Soft Starter (optional) - ABB, Siemens