Complex installations

Through their specifics, the sorting and transfer plants of the household waste are unique, designed, dimensioned and made depending on:

available budget

existing space (or available)

population of that community and its structure

the distance to the nearest ecologic deposit

the desired degree of automation

Facilities for Sorting, Composting and MBT

Sorting in order to reintroduce in use, into the economic circuit, the recyclable materials and also to reduce the delivered quantity of waste to the ecological deposits, represents one of the new strategies based on the principles of sustainable development. The less waste delivered to the organic deposits, the smaller the costs are. On the other hand the recyclable materials (PET, cardboard, paper, foil, PE, HDPE, ferrous and non-ferrous components, energetical waste, etc.) represent a substantial source of profit.

The facilities for sorting, composting and MBT are complex installations that are placed, where possible, in the material recovery sector with the purpose of recycling these materials, or on the metropolitan ecological pits platforms.

The sorting installations serve annual capacities between 30,000 - 60,000 tons of waste consisting of fractions: paper / cardboard, PET, plastic, textiles, glass, aluminum, etc. The waste obtained in the process of sorting enter into the recycling stream or is collected by the recycling specialized companies. The refused materials are compacted and transported to special ecological pits.

July 20, 2020

Stația de sortare INB Ștefăneștii de Jos

February 11, 2019

BRĂILA (Vădeni)

September 24, 2018


March 17, 2018


Transfer Plants

The transfer plants are used for transferring or short-term stocking of the waste material, loading it under pressure in large-size containers and transporting it to to the sorting stations or the metropolitan ecological pits.

Cantitatea deșeurilor procesate într-un interval de 8 ore se încadrează între 7000 ... 90000 kg.

December 3, 2016


November 24, 2016


November 24, 2016


November 24, 2016


Technological Equipment

Paper / Cardboard



Household Waste


Plastics / PET