Transfer Plants

The transfer plants are used for transferring or short-term stocking of the waste material, loading it under pressure in large-size containers (36- 40m³) and transporting it to to the sorting stations or the metropolitan ecological pits.

The processed quantity of waste within 8 hours is between 7000 ... 90000 kg.

The necessary area will be concentrated and arranged in order to ensure easy and safe maneuverability of the trucks. The transfer stations are designed to resolve in an economic way the problem of transporting the household waste, in non-compact state, in various containers (containers of 1100 and 4000l, sanitation, vehicles, etc.), to the ecological pits. A transfer station is composed, as appropriate, of the following: electronic scales, channel bands, inclined belts with press paddles, the pressing head, presscontainers with capacities of 36 - 40 mc., frontal pusher. Because of the transfer stations, an economy of fuel, labor and equipments is achieved and, respectively, a reduction of equipment wear aut ny 6 times compared to conventional conveyance.

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The main transfer plants designed, manufactured and assembled by ADARCO INVEST Petrosani are placed in the following locations: