Dispozitiv de basculat containere cu șpan tip DBS -1000
September 24, 2018
Stația de sortare INB Ștefăneștii de Jos
July 20, 2020


The sorting and MBT plant Braila is located in the area of Vădeni, Braila county at about 22 km from Braila city and is dimensioned for an annual capacity of 30.000 to (Sorting plant) and 26.000 to (MBT plant).

The waste recoverable fractions are: paper-cardboard, plastic, ferous and non ferrous metal , glass, PET . The sorting and MBT complexe are situatedin an covered building. The sorting and mechano-biological treatment complex is located in a covered hall. The platform is concrete, which allows easy handling of the waste.

The equipment used in these two insalating systems is: belt conveyors (Adarco Invest), rotary screen Ø 2500 x 7000 mm (Adarco Invest), magnetic separators (Starmag AG Switzerland) non-ferrous separators (Gantry SGM Italy), Baler (HSM GmbH) with PET Perforator (Adarco Invest), Shredder (Husmann GmbH), Bag opener (Matthiessen Lagertechniek GmbH), Glass Grinder (Adarco Invest), Sorting Air Conditioned Cabin (Adarco Invest and HVAC & R Consulting Lugoj), abrollcontainers DIN 30722 (Adarco Invest), various metallic containers, electrical installation including SCADA (Stadielco SRL Petrosani)

The Sorting and mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) Vadeni Braila County is in the state of technological tests and will be put into operation in the 2nd quarter of 2019