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March 21, 2017
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March 13, 2018

Ilfov (Glina)

The sorting plant Glina, Ilfov County, is the largest installation of this type of Romania and was developed in collaboration with S.C.ECOREC S.A. Bucharest. It's located near Bucharest about 14 km east.

The sorting plant Glina is dimensioned on two parallel lines and processing capacity is 70 to / hour. For the first time, the sorting plant Glina, performs an integral processing of a waste entering in the sorting plant, and after extraction of the recyclable fractions and of the organic fractions, the result is alternative fuel, the so-called RDF.

The equipment of the sorting station includes:

- metal chain conveyors and chain stars -1,600 x 15,600 mm and 1,600 x 16,200 mm respectively at the beneficiary, revised and refurbished by ADARCO INVEST,
- conveyor belts (horizontal, inclined, sorting) - ADARCO INVEST Petroșani,
- non-ferrous metal separator type EIS 130 - SGM Gantry,
- sorting cabin, air-conditioned with 4 discharge spouts (8 posts) in existing cabin extension at the beneficiary - ADARCO INVEST Petroșani and HVAC&R Consulting Lugoj,
- baler with automatic binding with PET perforator embedded - Adarco ADARCO INVEST Petroșani,
- abrollcontainere of 24 mc conf. DIN 30722 - ADARCO INVEST Petroșani,
- tipping containers 2 mc - ADARCO INVEST Petrosani,
- rotary screen Ø 3000 x 9000 mm - ADARCO INVEST Petroșani,
- SCADA control and monitoring electrical / electronic installation - Electropromex Petroșani.